When we first visited Wee Puppy Paws, we had seen two puppies on the website and hoped to hit it off with one. Our little Rascal seemed to know and like us right away. His buddy, Sam, was not convinced. We decided to re-visit a week later spent some more time with Sam and, when Rascal was added to the mix, we took them both home. These are wonderful, loving dogs whom we are happy to have join our family. Lynne is a caring, knowledgable breeder who sent us off with puppies who were freshly groomed, had all their shots and had recently been wormed. In short, we are so impressed with Lynne, her dogs, and Wee Puppy Paws in general, we would recommend them to everyone looking for a quality pup!.
Jessica, April 2020

Thank you again for my beautiful little boy- love him to pieces
Mickey, April 2020

We are writing you to let you know just how amazing it has been since we've taken Tino to his new home.  He has been such an adorable, playful, and loving puppy.  His first night he bonded immediately with Evan and the two of them never leave each other's side.  As he's gotten older, we've only learned more and more things about Tino's personality.  He's a big dog trapped in a morkie body and always wants to go to the big dog's side of the doggy park! He'll stand by the fence and stare at a big dog until one finally comes over to say hi, tail wagging anxiously. He's very smart! He is using both a pad, but can also be fine with just going outside.  Mostly, we just wanted to say thank you so much for making this process as easy as possible and a wonderful experience for us.  We knew exactly what we were getting, and the environment he grew up in definitely shows in his fun-loving, playful personality.  You were so helpful and we greatly appreciate the fact that you brought Tino into our life.  We love Wee Puppy Paws! Hope all is well!!

Elyse and Evan,
January 2014

"Dear Lynne
I just want to say thank you for selling me the most adorable, loving puppy ever ! He has the best personality, and I just love him so much. I thought you would be happy to know that he is doing fine."
Mercy, 4/25/12

I have not written to you since we picked up our Chorkie ....Mika - I am so in love with this dog.. I cannot thank you enough.. I have considered giving her a playmate ...not sure as yet, she is so smart and lovable.  We have her a year now ...
I am thrilled I found you !
Sherry, 4/24/12

"Good Morning Lynne
I just wanted to give you an update on Lucy (previously Pansy).  She is soo happy and playful and she LOVES Bella !.  They are always playing together and Lucy likes to cuddle with Bella when she sleeps. She makes us extremely happy and we love her so much !
Robert, 3/6/2012

"Good morning Lynne
I hadn't had a chance to call you back, so I thought I would email you to touch base and give you an update on our sweet little Sofie (aka Dolly).  She is doing great.  What a personality, we absolutely adore her.  She is picking up potty training with ease and she has so much spunk she just cracks us all up. Thank you again for our sweet little baby."
Arelene 3/26/12

Testimonial for Wee Puppy Paws
In October 2011, we purchased a Chihuahua girl,puppy from Wee Puppy Paws. Lynne was thorough in providing information on the puppy. She was also very understanding and responsive to all of my emails with miscellaneous questions that came up.  Our Minnie Mae was shipped in a nice pet carrier along with her paperwork and some food.  She was understandably nervous but that was soon eliminated.  Minnie Mae was 20 weeks old when we got her and she was very well socialized. She didn't bite, growl or squirm when being introduced to others, including little children. She was also, which was a huge blessing !  All of her shots were up to date. Her estimated adult weight was 3 pounds and that is accurate. She is 3 1/4 pounds full grown, so they are honest about the approximate weight of their puppies.  We are very happy and would recommend Wee Puppy Paws to anyone we know who is looking for a sweet puppy.

Satisfied Clients